Free Educational Licenses

Are you a student or an academic staff member?

If you are a student enrolled at an accredited educational institution or a teaching staff member,
you can apply individually for all JetBrains products at once!

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Classroom Licenses for Accredited Educational Institutions

We provide free licenses to universities, colleges, schools and other non-commercial educational organizations to support classroom instruction in on-site classrooms and computer labs.

  • Licenses are granted to official organization representatives: faculty members & IT support staff.
  • Licenses are issued as a number of free annual subscriptions that provide access to JetBrains Toolbox (All Products Pack including all JetBrains desktop tools) + team tools (YouTrack & Upsource) for use in classes.
  • Licenses allow the software to be installed and used in on-site classrooms and labs, with per-machine license distribution via JetBrains License Server (a web application that enables the administration of floating licenses).
  • Licenses allow students and teachers to use the software on their laptops/PCs for educational tasks, with per-user distribution via a single invitation link (not applicable if students can apply directly for individual student licenses via official university emails, ISIC card or other means of student ID).
  • You have to be a staff member to apply for classroom licenses. Applications from students will be rejected. Students should apply for free student licenses.
  • Licenses are not provided for internal development at educational institutions. If you are a software developer/analyst who works on internal university projects, request a discount for internal development through our sales team.
  • Licenses are issued to an educational entity, not to an individual user. If you need one license for personal use, request individual access for teaching and academic research.
  • Licenses will not be granted to government organizations, non-profits, commercial companies that provide development and consulting services, or any online courses.

Licensing options for commercial training classes

Apply for classroom licenses
  • Instructors of short-term commercial courses can request discount coupons to distribute to their students. Coupons can be redeemed by students to get a free personal subscription valid up to several months, depending on the duration of the course.
Request discount coupons
  • Discount coupons are only provided in bulk and they are not issued to students or trainers of commercial courses on an individual basis. If you need a license for personal use in commercial classes/workshops on software development, please consider purchasing an individual subscription.

Legal terms and license renewal

  • Classroom licenses are valid for one year. You can upgrade to any new versions released during that time for free. In order to renew the licenses for another year, please request a renewal shortly (up to 30 days) before your licenses expire.
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