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Jetbrains MPS gives us the power to create our comprehensible Dutch rule language. In MPS we use this language to specify and test our tax calculations and to generate source code for our target platforms.

— Diederik Dulfer from Dutch Tax Office
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The Ball project

TeamCity delivers simplicity and flexibility, especially when it comes to build templates that are very powerful and easy to use.

— Kalle Launiala, "The Ball" project
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evolver group development team has significantly improved its productivity using PhpStorm IDE, thanks to superior performance compared to all the other IDEs we’ve tried. We’ve also reduced the risk of errors and bugs by relying on PhpStorm’s integrated deep code analysis.

— Daniel Schröder, Development lead at evolver group
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Devbridnge Group

Since we started using TeamCity, creating and managing builds became significantly easier. ...Additionally, we’ve eliminated the problem of having some CI machines idle while others are maxed out. Overall, we think that TeamCity is a powerhouse that has strong features for JAVA and .NET projects.

Arunas Paskevicius, Web Developer at Devbridge Group
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Looking back, going with TeamCity was the right step to take and we only regret not doing it earlier. If you have a project with different and complex manual building setups, you absolutely have to give this a try.

Nuno Monteiro, Lead Engineer at Bica Studios
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TeamCity proved a much cheaper solution for our particular scenario of automating builds for consumables delivered through NuGet

Geoffrey Vandiest, Chief Technical Architect, Fluxys
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ReSharper is a requirement from my side; I don't want to open up Visual Studio without it enabled. Even though I've only been using ReSharper for three years, there has never been a reason to look at any competitors other than ReSharper.

Filip Ekberg, Software Engineer, Star Republic
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The time it takes us to release has been reduced significantly because we're able run builds/acceptance tests in parallel thanks to multiple build agents.

Mark Durrand, Director of IT, uSwitch
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IntelliJ IDEA has enabled us to use a compact, extremely-usable development environment for all our developers without any additional installation or customization efforts.
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IntelliJ IDEA brought us new features like refactoring, code completion, real-time error high-lighting, generation of JavaDoc remarks and on-line help with connection to existing JavaDoc.
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Most of our engineers do not get any errors at all during compiling because IntelliJ IDEA catches them all during editing. The time we save is remarkable.

Ken Watts, VP Platform Engineering, Documentum
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PhpStorm makes it easy to navigate large codebases, this is especially handy if we take over an existing project from our customers. Setting up the debuggers for PHP or Javascript is super simple giving a developer no excuse not to use it on a daily basis.

— Stephan Hochdörfer, Head of Technology in bitExpert
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Recruitment Genius

TeamCity quickly turned out to be the option that promised to save the most time. During evaluation, we had direct interaction with TeamCity developers, who were very responsive to our questions. This made the final decision very easy.

— Justin Käser, Clueda
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Recruitment Genius

...all our ideas are logged and prioritised using YouTrack and we avoid a mess of email communication as the team collaborate together in one central place...TeamCity takes care of automated testing and deployment to Azure in minutes rather than days. Automating these tasks ensure we rapidly deliver product enhancements to our customers

Geoff Newman Managing Director, Recruitment Genius
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We have tested YouTrack extensively and we are convinced that it is a very stable and consistent product. We place a lot of trust in it and value its rich functionality, speed and efficiency.

Marvin Burman, Project Manager, UI-Checkbr
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TeamCity gives us a peace of mind. We know that the build is working and developers won't be delayed (or stuck) as a result of getting the latest versions of the code from the source control system.

Kelly Leahy, Architect, MG-ALFA system
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TeamCity integrated nicely into agimatec's existing environment. Project configuration was intuitive and easy, with a user-friendly web interface to configure different types of projects, and featured effective Maven integration.

Simon Tiffert, Java developer, agimatec
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The best thing about [YouTrack] is that it turns the usual chore of submitting, assigning and resolving issues into something that is actually kind of satisfying. Never thought I'd say that!

Simon Botting, Founder and Senior Programmer,
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IntelliJ IDEA's refactorings give our developers the ability to make structural changes to their code with the confidence that it will still compile and run correctly afterwards.
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It was really catching on fast, so we purchased a license for everyone who wanted it. That turned out to be pretty much the entire organization.

Bruce Kratz,
Director of Engineering East, HP Web Services Management Operation
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