Professional Server license

By default, each TeamCity installation runs under a Professional Server license including 3 build agents. This license is provided for free with any downloaded TeamCity binary and gives you full access to all product features with no time limit. The only restriction is a maximum of 100 build configurations. You can increase the maximum number of build configurations and the number of build agents by purchasing additional Build Agent licenses.

Enterprise Server evaluation

An Enterprise Server license allows for an unlimited number of build configurations. To evaluate TeamCity, please apply for an Enterprise Server trial, which allows running an unlimited number of build configurations and build agents during the 60-day trial period.

Upgrading TeamCity
  • If you're using TeamCity with a Professional Server License without any additional license keys, you can upgrade to the next version for free at any time.
  • If you're using TeamCity with an Enterprise Server License, or have previously purchased additional Build Agents and entered the corresponding license keys in TeamCity, you'll have to have a valid (non-expired) Upgrade Subscription in order to upgrade to version 2019.1.
    To check your Upgrade Subscriptions for each purchased license, open the Administration > Licenses page on your TeamCity server, and refer to the Active License Keys section.
    For each registered license key, there's an End of maintenance date.

    Type Features # of agents Generation date End of maintenance Expiration date
    TeamCity Enterprise 100 2018-Jan-30 2019-Jan-30
    If this date is later than 24 May 2019, you are good to go, and this license key will work with TeamCity version 2019.1! If this date is due, you can renew your Upgrade Subscription for this license.
  • All TeamCity Open-Source and Evaluation licenses are valid for any version of TeamCity within their validity period. Such licenses allow you to use TeamCity 2019.1 until the expiration period is over.

For more details about licenses and upgrades, please see JetBrains TeamCity license agreement.