YouTrack is an issue tracking tool that enables teams to collaborate efficiently.

Learn about the top features and how they can help you improve your daily routine.

Bug & Issue Tracking

YouTrack lets you track and manage issues from the moment they’re reported to the moment they’re fixed. Easily create issues, add tags, watchers, modify custom fields, set the priority, and edit added attachments with a built-in image editor. Configure your personal notifications.

Never worry about closing the tab while creating an issue – YouTrack keeps drafts.

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Agile Boards

Agile boards in YouTrack are designed to help teams follow a wide range of agile project management processes. You can create Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban boards.

If you don’t follow any methodology, you can still create and configure a board that gives you an alternative view of the issues your team is responsible for, or even a personal board to track your personal responsibilities.

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A variety of reports are available to help you analyze and manage projects and teams activities. Create private reports or configure reports that you share with your team.

Get insights into how your team is performing and how the issues are distributed over a project. Use dashboards for an overview of your personal and team processes. Add reports as widgets, or create your own personal widgets if you need more data.

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Time Management

The Time Tracking features let you and your team report the amount of time spent working on issues in your project. Estimate how much time you expect to spend to resolve each issue, add work items to the issues along with the spent time, and create summary reports to see the total amount of time spent on the different types of work.

Use the pre-configured workflows to automatically track time when you start working on issues, or create your own if you prefer a specific method of tracking.

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Use a Gantt Chart for an overview of the flow of your project plan. Follow the progress of your projects, estimate time, and track the results. Configure the chart to show issues from multiple projects, limit the amount of work in progress, and control how many levels of subtasks are included in the report.

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YouTrack is very customizable! Whether it’s issue fields, workflows, notifications or a language – you can configure it all to your needs.

Use workflows to automate the lifecycle of your issues and projects. Easily notify teams about events, enforce policies, execute periodic tasks, and support existing business processes.

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Connect external tools with YouTrack to enhance your productivity and improve your working process! Integrate with TeamCity to automatically set the value for the ‘Fixed in build’ field in YouTrack when an issue is closed in a successful build.

Connect YouTrack to a repository in GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab to access VCS commits directly from an issue in YouTrack. Use Zendesk Integration to sync tickets between YouTrack and Zendesk.

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YouTrack Mobile

Stay connected with your team anywhere and anytime using YouTrack Mobile! Use agile boards, create new and update existing issues, work with attachments, and get notifications right on your phone. YouTrack Mobile is available for iOS and Android.

Experimental Features

Experimental features in YouTrack let you try the new functionality before the official release. This strategy lets us get feedback for a feature as we work on it, learning more about what you want to see in the final product. If you are an administrator, you can enable the features you want to try on the Feature Configuration page.